Shady Grove Happenings

Writings about the store and all things floral and lovely for your home & garden, wedding, and events.

Asheville Farmers Markets and Summertime Recipes

One of the beautiful things about Asheville is the importance placed on shopping small, locally, and responsibly, which makes grocery shopping in the summer that much more exciting.  With the warmer weather, the flowers are blooming, the vegetables are ripe for picking, and farmers markets are overflowing with goodies!  On Tuesdays, there is the West […]

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Hummingbird Medicine


There are moments of quiet awe in which I have heard your silent wonder.  How does one get so lucky to be graced with the enchanting magic of the hummingbird?  Look to me as your invitation to marvel in the beauty of life, for I am “always actively seeking the sweetest nectar… reminding you to […]

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Floriography: the language of flowers


Can you feel the love floating through the air this time of year?  It is wonderful to see how the fertility festivals of yesteryear have turned into a celebratory day filled with flowers and romance.  My friends, fly away with me to a time before text messages and dating apps.  You see prior to sending messages […]

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