Hummingbird Medicine



There are moments of quiet awe in which I have heard your silent wonder.  How does one get so lucky to be graced with the enchanting magic of the hummingbird?  Look to me as your invitation to marvel in the beauty of life, for I am “always actively seeking the sweetest nectar… reminding you to forever seek out the good in life and the beauty in each day.”  I live each moment in tireless pursuit and celebration of all the vibrant flowers,  delicate nectars, and sweet aromas the earth so graciously offers.  Life’s pleasures should be embraced and enjoyed.  Allow yourself to be enchanted by the sweet smell of roses. Fall into a lilac swoon. Listen to the trumpet vine sing your favorite shade of crimson. Life is about balancing doing with being


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Live life fully and with great and earnest determination. Seek out yet another intriguing flower. Experience the magnificent beauty of even the simplest bloom.  Curate the relationships which serve your senses well. Plant more flowers! Grow more reasons for silent pauses and moments of awe. Promote the prolification of pollinators! We dedicate our lives in teaching “how to draw the life essence from flowers”. 

Pollinators are in peril!  Pollution and the changing climate is causing plants to bloom early, before we are out in search of their nectar.  Agricultural intensification and urbanization are taking away these gorgeous blooms, as well as our habitats.  We love gracing your garden in search of a sweet snack or a place to rest. So please, invite us in. Your natural space could be our oasis and in return we will remind you to take a moment and embrace the beauty surrounding you.  Enjoy all that Mother Earth has to offer.


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La vie en rose,

                The Hummingbird